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All data stored in the EPD are publicly available and free to use. Any use of data from the EPD should cite the original publications whenever possible and also acknowledge the EPD database. Example: “Pollen data were extracted from the European Pollen Database (”

In no circumstances should authorship be attributed to data contributors, individually or collectively, without their explicit consent. For more details concerning the data-sharing policy please refer to the Data Policy of the EPD.

There are a number of different ways to find and access data in the European Pollen Database:

Fossil Pollen Database (FDP) Viewer
With FPD you can find sites and data by country or investigator or site name, or by locating them on a map. After selecting a site you can examine or download the data as well as some summary metadata. Fossil Pollen Database has an extensive tool for visualising (graphing) taxa from one or more sites. Use FPD Viewer is useful to browse individual records and their data.

Neotoma: Link to NeotomaExplorer webpage…but declare that data in Neotoma is not up-to-date.

Link to download the entire EPD database and documentation. 



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